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These original acrylic paintings reside in the U.S. and Europe.
I can create an original one for you too! 
Lifeline 1  8x8 acrylic
Lifeline 2  8x8 acrylic
Lifeline 3  8x8 acrylic
Puff Tree Naked  8x8 acrylic
Industrial Disease  30 x 40 acrylic
Highland Lakes  24x30 acrylic
45 Umbrellas  16 x 20 acrylic
Green Leaf  18x24 acrylic
Ohm mm  8x8 acrylic
Purple Reign  36x36 acrylic
Karen's Birthday 07.07.07  10x10 acrylic
Organic Kaleidoscope  36x36 acrylic
Not a Typical Wednesday Morning  15x30 acrylic/mixed media
Looking Thru the Apple Glass  30x40 acrylic
From the Heart  6x6 acrylic
Awakenings  8x10 acrylic
Fuego Dancer  15x30 acrylic
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