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Art Show at the Holland Center

My family has always had a love affair with the arts, and I followed their talented paths with passion and intrigue.


~ My Grandfather William was an oil painter.

~ My Grandmother Beatrice Rose was a concert pianist.

~ My Mom Jeanette was a decorator and crafts painter. 

~ My Uncle Bill was an oil painter. 

~ My Sister Debbie was an acrylic painter and jewelry designer

~ My Best Friend Lydia (truly my sister) is a designer and copywriter.


Famous artists who continue to influence and inspire me are Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Edward Hopper, Georgia O'KeefeJack Vettriano and ZZ Wei.   


Born in Chicago and raised in northern New Jersey, I relocated to Arizona with my husband to immerse myself in the lifestyle of the tranquil high desert.


I have been honored to be a fine artist for Pipeline Worldwide's Borderline events in Scottsdale, AZ, and a juried artist for Arizona Sage Art Market events at the Holland Center in Scottsdale, AZ. My work has been sold in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, and Italy. 


I hope my art and design honors my family's legacy of inspiring others. 

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